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BV Advisors was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing quality business appraisal and litigation support services to the business community.  Whether directly with business owners or through their numerous business advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, our goal is to provide independent, unbiased and objective analysis to meet any valuation or litigation related compliance and/or consulting issue.  Our affiliation with Geffen Mesher & Company CPAs and DFK International provides access to tax and accounting resources and intelligence that allows us to address just about any business issue impacting value.  As such, we share knowledge and intelligence with Geffen Mesher and DFK member firms in an effort to provide top of class and best practices to all aspects of our engagements.

Branden Richmond

Branden Richmond


Branden Richmond
Branden Richmond
BV Advisors
888 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800

Branden Richmond provides financial analysis, research, and report preparation for financial valuation and litigation engagements encompassing economic analysis, financial advisory, and business valuation services related to public and privately held companies.

Branden has assisted in the valuation of business enterprises, fractional interests, various other intangible assets, and applying discounts when appropriate.  This valuation-related experience encompasses various industries and methodologies in financial valuation.  Many of the appraisals in which Branden has assisted have been for gift and estate tax planning, financial reporting, litigation, and mergers & acquisitions.  He has assisted in the preparation of numerous engagements involving many different entity structures, including pass-through entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, and S- and C-Corporations.


Bachelor of Science, Oregon State University, cum laude, 2012
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